Surya Namaskar in detail. Read to know more! The first step towards Building Bharat is to strengthen our people. Suryanamaskar is best way to build your inner strength and physical strength.

Every morning, everyone must do 12 suryanamaskar and teach your kids also to do same. It may not be possible to do 12 in first go but start today and add slowly in multiples of 2 until you gain strength to do 12 times.

Let’s make this habit and take it as challenge, 12 suryanamaskar every morning. Some could do it in one go but some could take some time. But you start by 2 and do it consistently then you can able to do 12 in 6-8 weeks time by adding 2 every 3-4 days.

Join me to start this as moment to make every Indian do 12 suryanamaskar as practice for life. Let’s build Stronger Bharat together.