Our generation have been brainwashed..!!

Healthy Groceries- € 10- Too Expensive
Fastfood- €10- Reasonable

Personal Growth Seminar- €100- Are you crazy?
Gucci Belt- €100- Must Have

Investing- €300/month- Can’t afford that
Nights Out- €300/month- Weekly occurrence

Start a Business- €2k- Too Risky
iPhone 11 Pro- €2k- Newest Model is A Must

7 day trip to a foreign gataway- €3k
2 day complete health check up for €500…. naah

60 mins learning a new #skill – I wish I had the time
60 mins on #netflix – time flies, let’s watch another one

99% will buy a Tesla for $50k, rather than buy Tesla stocks for $50k. Notice the difference.

Money and Time are resources. Use them wisely because what you #prefer and #invest in today will determine your #tomorrow . #startupsdashboard