Task Management

Task Management

When you have an Idea of startup but its difficult to decide which tasks to do first and how to track the progress to make sure you are progressing.

When you build a startup, its process of completing small tasks to achieve bigger goal. The milestones of building startup are achieved through completing these small tasks successfully. Thats why its important to break those milestones in small tasks upto very micro level so that it can be monitored to track progress.

In early stages of startup, everything is due immediately. You have to work almost every different aspect of business, starting product, development, marketing, sales, finance, accounting & even office management if toilet rolls are finished. If you feel overwhelmed thinking all these different tasks to complete, then it would be hard to get anything done and progress.

Best way to get control is Break it down. When you have a list of few small or better say Micro tasks than just a one big project, its easier to check it off when done. This helps in staying motivated, and getting things done one by one.

E.G. Building a landing website – We can break down this project of startup into following micro tasks.

  1. Write specifications of landing website
  2. Design web page
  3. Convert to html code
  4. Write backend code
  5. Write Content and media
  6. Upload on server and publish

Although this is not detailed and upto very micro level, you got the idea, right? Micro tasks are important in early stages of startup as you are mostly bootstrapping and don’t have huge resources. When you keep completing these micro tasks, it builds a confidence and motivate towards bigger goal. This progress of small steps eventually help to achieve milestones. This is like loosing weight by 1kg at a time. The more weight you keep loosing, you become determined to get in shape.

Dream Big, Start small!