Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Over last few years Inbound Marketing has been popular. It’s been used for increase in direct sales with less cost. Different companies have developed their own Inbound Marketing Strategies. Marketing Professionals & Customers both consider Custom content are very helpful. It’s been proved that Inbound Marketing provides more leads than outbound marketing.

But its not that easy as it looks. Currently there is tremendous amount of  live information being updated on internet every second. Within minutes, a new content could  disappear in stream of new live updates. Smart companies are using Inbound Marketing, but many lack in ability to break close circle to reach more audience. But there is solution.

Brand Follower , Enthusiasts, Fans, Loyal customers

Advocate marketing is more effective than paid marketing. Mouth publicity is always best to create trust in Brand. Our current customers refer new customers which is best. Interview your current happy customers & promote it through all social media, Blog & websites. This generates a feeling of trustworthiness in new customer.

Engaging new customer in testing product

As Steve Jobs said “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”  When customer who already know his requirements, & come to you that means, your product is suitable for his needs. When you are developing any product invite the target customers to test that product.

Giving the basic product as free & open source

 Open source or free product encourage customers to try out product. It helps them to get familiar with the product. If it suits their need, they can opt for purchasing premium version.

Applying to different award competitions and winning the awards increased credibility 

People believe in what others say about you & what is credibility in market for your product. It always helps if you have won some awards from different competitions, that speaks for your company & your product. So apply to different award competitions & win awards , that will increase your credibility & convert more customers.

Celebrating even small success in social media

Today, your presence in social media is very important. Keep your customers informed about every small success. Your social media presence must be very lively to creating a big community of users.