For Project manager, There is proper documentation required for successful completion of project through Analysis, Planning, Designing, Executing, Delivery, Closure in all phases of projects life cycle.  These documents help to keep project on track, on schedule without any problem & also keep everyone updated for project status.

Business Case

  • need of project
  • cost of project
  • benefits of project.

Feasibility Study – Before starting project, it is very important to do feasibility study to convince management to allow project.

Project Charter

  • the project objectives
  • scope
  • team
  • high level time frames
  • deliverable.

Project Plan

  • all the phases
  • tasks
  • sub-tasks

Resource Plan

  • Human Resources
  • financial resources
  • equipment
  • other material resources.

Quality Plan – Project Manager  must document all quality criteria’s to maintain project quality very high.

Risk Plan -Identify risks to be analysed & responsible person for that.

Communication Plan – This document is very important to maintain smooth communication between all stakeholders.

Change Management – Changes during the project execution to prioritize them properly.

Issue Management – An Issue Form and Issue Log will help to record issues as they arise and to add actions to resolve them effectively and quickly.

Time Management – Time sheets are very important in recording and managing every person’s time on the project. These can then be used to update your project plan on an ongoing basis.

Project management team work

Project management team work

Cost Management – Financial management of the project is managed using Expense Forms and budget spreadsheets. Every expense must be recorded and approved to ensure that you track this against the original project budget.

Closure Report: When a project comes to an end, it is important to document all actions and steps required to close the project. This must include the release or reassignment of people, equipment and materials, as well as any further phases or projects that may follow this project.

Post Implementation Review: After the project has been formally closed, you need to review the success of the project and document this. Remember to measure this actual deliverable and objectives against what was delivered and achieved and document any lesson learnt on the project for future reference.