Fight against Corona

Fight against Corona

Dear Indians,

My sincere appeal to everyone.

Please follow all guidelines given by Government health authorities. Keep your hatred towards Modi aside for now in this time of urgency. So far, government have been handling corona outbreak successfully. Modi can’t do it alone, we all need to do our part.

Be responsible and Avoid social contacts and unnecessarily going out for yourself, your family, friends and for society. Don’t put your life and others at risk. Any mistakes can be catastrophic for everyone.

Next few weeks will decide future of our country. If we don’t take necessary precautions, things can slide south in no time. We must appreciate Modi and Health officials of Government of India for controlling situation very well.

Following 3 steps will ensure our safety.

1. By suspending international flights, government have stopped new people who are corona positive from entering India.
2. If we take necessary precautions as suggested by doctors, we can stop corona virus from spreading within India by already contaminated persons.
3. Those who are already contaminated and found positive, they should undergo quarantine process. If you already have it, be responsible and don’t let your loved ones affected by it. There is no need to fear, you still can be cured. Take medical treatment and follow quarantine seriously.

CORONA virus outbreak is global health emergency and declared as Pandemic by WHO. We need to stand together (not literally) in this fight and behave responsibly. Let Modi and Government of India do their job, our job is to follow guidelines.

Stay home, stay healthy, stay safe. 🙏🙏
Amit Chougule