The population figures go like this –

USA – 331M

Russia -146M

Germany – 85M

Turkey – 84M

UK – 68M

France – 65M

Italy – 61M

Spain – 47M

Poland – 38M

Romania – 19M

Netherlands – 17M

Greece – 17M

Belgium -12M

Czech Republic – 11M

Portugal – 11M

Sweden – 10M

Hungary – 1M

Switzerland – 9M

Bulgaria – 7M

Denmark – 6M

Total – 1053M

The rest of the 25 smaller European countries combined (there are 44 countries in the European continent) – 60M

Europe – 1053 + 60 = 1113M

Adding the populations of Brazil (212M) and Argentina (445M)

1113M+ 2565M= 1369.5M

Thus, finally you have arrived at lndia’s population figure of 1360M – 1380M.

The implication of managing Covid19 in lndia is as enormous task as managing it in the entire Europe plus USA, Brazil and Argentina.

It’s easy to criticise!! And, some of our own do their best to run down our own country !

If you don’t have anything positive to help solve problem, don’t try to score political browny points in pandemic. That is nothing different than any vultures.

Support India to fight pandemic 🙏

Worth a Thought