facebook marketing for business

Facebook marketing for business

 Do you have business? Is your company wants to  improve its marketing strategy?

 Today, Facebook is not only a social networking  site, its most effective marketing tool for any  business. It offers some of the amazing features  which no other TV or Print media provides for  marketing.

 In last decade, Internet has become source &  medium for all kind of business. Small or big, any  business can marketed through Internet. Having  website is like your world wide 24/7 open front  office. You can reach any corner of world &  promote your business to large audience for  minimum cost as compare to any other media. In  last few years, Online advertisement business has  grown in different dimensions.

Internet has provided a big platform for small or medium or big companies providing products or services. Now Facebook is not just social network . It is biggest medium to reach directly to customers actively. Facebook currently have more than 1.15 billion subscribers from all over the world. You can segment your target audience for marketing easily with their interest, hobbies, geographic location, gender, & so many other categories. This is way better than any other media. For small business, they can easily keep customers engaged, updated with current information, news, new products or services,brand awareness & with so many other things.

So, What are the ways for marketing on Facebook?

Facebook Page For Business: Create your business page on facebook. This will be your business identity on facebook. Ask all your current customers to join you facebook. You can update news, information, new products info, new services info, offers, coupons, photos, events, & promotion videos etc on Facebook. This will keep your current customers engaged in your business & also helps new customers to understand your business, support from current customers & feedback. The more customers, business will reach through facebook, the more they will get familiar with Brand.

facebook like for business

More Likes, More connectivity to customer

Facebook Offers: Facebook offers is very interesting feature. You can provide discount coupons, free samples or different offers through Facebook page. This will be very effective to reach to new customers. As it is kind of viral marketing, its reach to customer base could be exponential. When some customer register for offer, it appears on his wall feeds so his friends will also get informed about this offer & they could also join the wave.

facebook marketing

Facebook marketing – Offers & Advertisements

Facebook Advertisement : Facebook provides most advanced & effective advertisement platform for businesses. You can narrow down audience to exact criteria of interest for your products or services. Also, you can decide on daily or total campaign budget. And you have to pay only for the customer who click on your advertisement. More than that, you can decide how much you would like to pay for this one click. & as per experience, the facebook advertisement works better than any other advertisement campaign.

Today’s generation spend more time on Internet than TV or print media. The biggest advantage of facebook is business can interact with direct customers on large scale. Impact of this direct communication & brand awareness created through facebook is amazing. So join the new wave of  Internet, Join facebook today to promote your business. If you execute a good marketing strategy for Facebook marketing, You can see results in short period. If you need any support for planning & implementing your Facebook & Internet Marketing strategy, you can contact me at amit@gurukrupatechnology.com