Many times life teach us a lesson which either make us or break us. These lessons could be about anything like lifestyle habits, professional, educational, spiritual, mind, relations, finance or health. We feel very enlightened whenever such situations come and we agree to ourselves that we have learned that lesson and change in future and won’t make same mistake again.

BUT , eventually we forget and make the same mistakes again. These mistakes remind us and that in past we made that same mistake. We forgot that learned lesson during rush of life and slowly got back to same situation.

I made many mistakes in life and even though I always promised myself that I won’t repeat that mistake again, somehow over a time, I do it again. I always thought it would have been great to have somewhere a list of lessons that would help me lead a good life. Note, definition of successful life is different for everyone. Its not only about finances but also about health, family and satisfaction. Everyone have different perceptions and expectations from their life to be considered as successful. I won’t dive into that yet, but I will try to stick to what according to me a successful life. I don’t consider myself successful yet but thats how I want to live my life. So I decided to keep a log of lessons learned in life. I will try to log all the lessons learned about everything as well as good principals, and anything that I found useful learning experience and should be followed in life.

SO 1st lesson to begin with which is basis for this thread,

Forget the mistake, remember the lesson


Lessons learned about living successful life

Simple but this is the most important lesson which would enable us to learn rest of lessons. No one is immune to mistakes. Everyone makes mistake in one or other way at some point of time in life. What makes a difference between, successful and unsuccessful person is how they react to that mistake. Those who accept mistake and learn lesson from it and make sure they don’t repeat it again in future, will lead to a successful life.

So never be afraid of making mistakes in life. Those who never mistakes in life, have less chances of succeed of anything than those make mistakes while trying new things. Important part of it is to learn lesson from those mistakes and make sure not to repeat same mistake again.

Sometimes, I might not be able to identify whats right and I may be wrong in identifying lesson in some cases, I would love to get feedback and rectify it after all thats what a life is all about. I am no wise but dumb who make mistakes and wants to avoid making them in future. So these lessons are logged mainly for my future but as they resonates to generally everyone, I felt, sharing here will also help others who might be on same path.

Comment lessons, principals or guidelines that you learned and follow in your life. Together we can learn more.