Boost your sales using customers Verified Reviews

Boost your sales with verified reviews

Boost your sales with verified reviews

Today, there are so many competitive e-commerce websites where people can buy their products. When customer have a choice, they most likely to buy it from more reliable shop. Unlike regular shops or boutiques, In Online shop, the customer’s experience & confidence is comletely dependent on how comfortable he feels on website. For first time customer, they prefer to buy from such online shop where other customers say good things about services & products. Till date, Mouth publicity is greatest marketing tool ever. For online shops its in form of feedbacks & reviews. As per survery done recently, A third party feedback’s & reviews helps to build confidence in customer which in turn increases conversion.


trustworthiness of customers reviews

Trustworthiness of reviewsThird party reviews

Another point in consideration about feedbacks & reviews is trustworthinesss. In todays insane competition, sometimes businesses try to add fake reviews. There have been different cases where businesses add fake positive feedbacks on their sites & negative feedbacks on competitors sites. Recently Tripadvisor was banned from claiming all its restaurant & hotels reviews could be trusted , as it was found that some of those reviews were fake. This issue can be handled with 3rd party after sales feedback & review services which can be trusted by customers.

How to collect verified reviews

How to collect verified reviews

How to collect those reviews ?

Many times , customers buy their product & leave the site without providing review or comments. This is very bad. If Online shops keeps customers engaged on their site or facebook page, the customer can be retained for future sales. Customers tend to be lazy when it comes to write a  review. An aftersales follow up with customers to get a feedback is important for collecting reviews . There are many verified reviews service providers in market.

What can it do for my Online shop?

There is nothing better than an increase in sales. These verified reviews systems can help to increase sales by around 20%, even more than that. When customer feels confident in any shop, they tend to purchase more from same shop rather than buying it at different places i.e.  increased basket size. Your conversion rate is boosted with verified reviews. Customer retention & engagement in site & facebook is also increased. These reviews are also integrated with google to give excellent SEO with better visibility. These systems also help to drive customers to Facebook Business page. Facebook plays important role in marketing strategy. You can read here Facebook : A new marketing strategy . Your customer once engage as facebook page fan, he can be potential future customer. The reviews can also help to improve product  or services & quality. They provide us what customer feel about our product, what are their needs , what things can be changed in terms of improving product. Overall, a good verified reviews system can definitely boost your sales.

Where can I get it?

There are many Verified reviews systems available in market. Some of them listed below.

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